design to thrill people and inspire future. we are a full-service brand and experience consultancy founded in Shanghai.

we take projects that blend business ambition, humanity, cultural awareness, art practice and emerging technology to advance human experience, sustainable business and public good.



brand positioning
brand narrative
brand naming
design research
design guidelines
design curation & art buying
experience & design audit


brand identity design
communication design
content creation
creative & art direction
design language system
motion graphics
narrative environment
packaging design
product & experience
typeface design
UX / UI design


AI & design intelligence
behavioral design
design experimentation
emerging technology
gamified engagement
product invention
rapid prototype
social research

in the cooking

Anyone who enjoys cooking knows the key to a delicious meal is having all your ingredient ready before you get started and performing all your culinary techniques at right moment.

under vacuum, taken from its French origin sous-vide, is a scientific method of cooking that brings possibilities of exquisite flavor, texture, tenderness via the extremely precise control on time, temperature and ingredients. Design in a way, happens with the same principles. At under vacuum, we are placing creativity in the right process and being extremely conscious about how the outcomes impact the delicacy of our daily human experience.

a fast-paced practice

We are a fast-paced practice powered by design thinking and business agility. We love building things from ground up, and shaping new experiences in the ever changing market.

sensory ability

concepts are just rough meaning containers. eventually, we need to leverage designers' sensory ability to craft and bridge the gap from verbal concepts to tangible experiences that everyone can substantially feel the same.

good criteria

we believe that good design delivers positive sensory stimulations.

we believe that good design benefits long term human well-being and public good.

we believe that good design is always cutting-edge and disrupts the established.

we don’t do

we never work for politicians, religions or gambling institutions and the organizations in industries that create victims e.g. arms, tobacco, intensive farming, unhealthy products and wasteful manufacturing.