Branded Stationeries

Disrupting Foods

Envisioning a future food lab where technology meets taste buds
client / archex
industry / food , service
year / 2017
ArcheX is an innovation lab that empowers food industry with digital technologies. The brand visual assets included a collection of "food stains" that are often seen in our daily life, which created a lively contrast with the monospaced font. This contrast highlighted how people and technology co-exist and interact in the world of food innovation and helped to convey the cutting-edge nature of ArcheX's work.

To create a set of brand images that efficiently communicate the innovative ventures that ArcheX hopes to achieve.

With a group of food researchers and designers, we created the brand fundation including logotype, color, grid system, and typography. To add an extra shot of excitement, we organised a brand hackathon in which the "food stain" idea was serendipitously born out of the team's collective creative efforts, and from there, we developed a system of visual language to give a touch of human relevance.

Created a set of food stains that signify the human-food interaction.


food innovations can significantly improve public health, the environment, and create a more sustainable food system for all.

being bold to turn the overlooked daily objects and human touch into core brand assets with highly relevant meanings.