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Tasty Tech Investment

Blend food and technology for
sustainable ventures
client / bits x bites
industry / finance, food, technology
year / 2017
Bits x Bites is a venture capital fund slash incubator focused on new tech-empowered ventures in the food industry.

Bits x Bites is an avant-garde innovator in the food industry. It is not only a fund that supports new ventures and ideas, but also an incubator that provides research and insights. Our goal was to create a vigorous brand image for Bits x Bites that grabs the attention of every visionary young start-up founder at their first sight.

While Bits x Bites is a place where food meets new technology, we employed visual assets like fonts and colours to embody the two fundamental elements of the brand.
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A bold and vigorous looking that breathes brand personality and ambition itself.


The brand successfully helped Bits x Bites to attract entrepreneurs focusing on better food and healthier eating to growth with the fund.


created a visually provocative brand that is very different from conventional venture capital funds.