revamping urban transportation

Creating the visual identity for emerging low-impact transportation brand that empowers community.
client / brook & breeze
industry / manufacturing, retail
year / 2022
transportation is a way people connect with the city, the community, family and friends. brook & breeze emerges as a new option for those who aspires to explore the city in a more intimate and sustainable manner.

To create a tangible brand that carries urban vibes while keeping an organic touch; inherit the spirits of beijing bamboo bicycle, the experimental project that became the brand today.

As city cycling enthusiasts ourselves, immersive participation in the rebirth of bbb has formed a solid understanding of the brand, and came to a natural result that is both energetic while keeping the founders’ aspiration for simple and organic lifestyle.

created a brand personality that is urban and cool on one hand, and soft and nurturing on the other.


used the personality of brook & breeze to wake up the aspiration for a balanced life in the city - a healthier and happier lifestyle for both the body and the mind.

added emotional and brand value to the lean start-up with limited resources.