See The Unseen

bringing optical and emotional Interaction into everyday Life
client / cecoceco
industry / consumer product, technology
year / 2021
Cecoceco Logotype
CECOCECO is a brand-new adventure that brings industrial stage lighting experience into an indoor scene, creating professional and fun products that benefit daily life. a total design project for venture start up that involves product, brand, digital app and packaging design.
Product design rendering in dark lighting environment
Mounting structure for glass replacement

managing the multi-disciplinary design process for the functionality, look and feel and interaction at the same time. develop a product that meets the engineering block diagrams, while expressing the brand big idea around our interpretation of light, the physical substance that connects living environment and human emotion.

the idea of Circle in circle, which uses two circular lenses and a planetary gear system to create a dynamic and unpredictable light projection in living space, echos its brand name and the ever-evolving human moods.
Detailed structure view
Glass plate product design
Light is invisible. The photons of light that form the boundary bounce around, forming refraction. It is at this moment (not before and not after) that we perceive the existence of light.
Red light inspiration for brand color
Logo on a poster laying on the ground

The light projection is aiming at creating the sense of movement that reflects the real-time emotions. the Circle in circle idea is ubiquitously expressed in all forms of design and user experience.
App design mockup on a hand
App design demo image

The design allows user to customize their lighting effects according to personal feelings and narrative environments in order to create more vivid living scenarios.


The product design utilizes cutting-edge technologies, such as metropolis light transport caustics simulation, procedural pattern generation and neural networks driven temporal-spatial noise reduction. These technologies enable fast and accurate design iterations, while maintaining realistic light effects simulations.
a home environment image with brand logo on it