a plastic bag with the good cycle logo on it

The Future in Cycle

A visual conversation for material goodness in the age of reduce, reuse and recycle
client / good cycle
industry / manufacturing, retail, material
year / 2023
good cycle logo animation
Recreating the image for an emerging brand that connects sustainable manufacturing and the increasing consumer needs for low impact products by highlighting the transparency behind new material solutions. GOOD CYCLE is one of the pioneers in this material revolution and to create a competitive business position, the team decided to create a new brand image that resonates with the businesses and consumers who share the vision.
top view of a water  bottle

To communicate goodness and circularity through a clean and sharp visual identity that breaths passion and enthusiasm has been the goal of this rebranding project. With its solid foundation in material innovation and manufacturing, GOOD CYCLE hopes to invite more people into the world of upcycling and material goodness with the new branding that communicates the behind-the-scene stories at GOOD CYCLE. Under Vacuum brings the new brand to life that combines aesthetics and functionality.
recycled material tag from a red T-shirtA recycled material tag on blue fabric

GOOD CYCLE is a team of passionate practical idealists. Through in-depth interviews and co-working sessions, we were able to work together to bring instinctive ideas to life that matches the founding team’s vision.
Recycled material tag system

passionate and emotional color usage with semiotical application of Chinese charactor in visual and shapes.

surfaced the underlying good will about improving long term human well-being via sustainable material and product solutions.

re-invented the tag system in order to deliver strong and consistent exposure of material sustainability.
Bamboo Material Tag
Brand Guideline Snapshot