Photos of Su Shi's calligraphy

A taste of "gathering"

a style between the north Rhone and Beaujolais, and a style between the East and West.
client / xiaopu
industry / food & beverage
year / 2023
"Gathering" in Chinese
"Gathering" is the first wine released by Xiaopu. Established in 2017, Xiaopu Brewing is a pioneer of "nomadic wineries" in China. In the past decade, Xiaopu has cooperated with different villages and winegrowers in Ningxia, Yunnan, Sichuan, and Hebei to make natural-style wines from Chinese terroir with great creativity, and is one of the first brands to start making orange wine and Pet-Nat in China. From the Michelin three-star restaurant Ultra Violet and Taian Table, to Beijing Wangfujing Oriental Mandarin, Shanghai Yongshe and Jing'an Shangri-La Hotel, you alway can find Xiaopu's presence.
Close-up view of a wine label

To be bold and Manifest the “outlaw" brand archetype via embedding eastern rice wine form and literary connotations into western wine culture, and change consumers' stereotypical impression of western wine packaging.
The "Chinese Symbol"
Rice wine jars

Reproduced traditional calligraphy and stone topography through digital vectorization, in order to express the authentic man-made creativities and handcraft marks, and Selected the proper color, material and finishing that are able to express the cultural message. The Chinese always admire the color vermilion, from the ceramic art, the lacquerware, the brocade, the embroidered porcelain, the lacquer gates of the buildings, the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the red envelopes, the sealing clay to the lanterns. and the red became the bridge of the red wine and eastern culture.

The Burgundy bottle is packaged in a way that allows connoisseurs to remain cognizant of the wine product, while disrupting the traditional perceptions with unique binding form and visual presentation in a eastern sense.


Drinking wine has also seen many behavioral and paradigm shifts in Chinese society, and wine can also be a choice for Chinese consumers to promote friendship and family ties during gatherings and festivals.
Red wine label
Close-up photo of the red wine label

Challenged the common Western wine packaging format provocatively, and found the distinctive cultural clash and aesthetics in the fusion.
A bottle of wine with black background
A photo of a bottle of wine in the middle with dark red background
A bottle of wine on a table within Chinese cultural elements
a top view of a vineyard
A photo of a few barrels in a wine-making factory
A bottle of wine is held by two hands on a red background