emotion aid on the Wrist

A smart APP that keep your minds connected and reminded
client / bcg dv
industry / health care, technology
year / 2018
BCG Digital Ventures is the world’s leading business builder, helping the most influential organizations invent, launch, and scale the visionary businesses, products, and platforms towards a better future. MOOD is a project set out to transform the ways we experience our emotions in order to improve individual well-being.
adjusting mood by scrolling the dial on Apple Watch

One of the physiological reasons behind the change of mood is the individual differences of serotonin releases, which help us to calm down. Conflicts occur the most when a debate becomes emotional - something beyond reasoning. Our challenge was to design the leanest APP that reflect and help people improve their control over the mood, in order to connect with each other more effectively.

We used the most direct reflection of our mood - facial expressions as indicators for the change of mood. It is like our spiritual daemon, which reflect the change of ourselves immediately, a remind that it’s time to step away from our mood, calm down and share our mind with others.

We created an innovative way that people can sense their emotion and mood effectively


The app helps people to have a better understanding of the mental health and mood of their better half

Achieving better understanding of oneself and their loved ones with the knowledge of latest neuroscience and the aid of technology.